Multilingual website definitely will bring more positive visitors, which is the target for every website owner. But how we can make a multilingual website easily and costly?

There are lots of wonderful plugins for WordPress applications, but I think PolyLang and GTranslate plugins are more suitable for my websites, which both are free plugins although they also have the paid version.

PolyLang plugin advantages

I personaly think Polylang plugin is really nice multilingual website solution, which we can make every details for each post, so we can make the pages to be best for SEO, but of course it will take lots of time.

In fact, I am running several websites in my spare time just for interests, so I don’t want to spend much time then finally I decide to try the GTranslate plugin.

GTranslate plugin advantages

GTranslate plugin bases on Google Translate, which is the first reason that I would like to try. Meanwhile it is really simple and I can enable all available languages for website, which looks very cool. But I also find several issues:

  1. After I actived the GTranslate, I notice the page loading takes little more time. I am not sure if it only has this problem for China visitors, but it will definitely be better if the GTranslate will be loaded after the page loading. Or this will be for sure to affect user experience.
  2. The free version can’t be setup the sub-directory for each language, so I think it’s not good for Google index & SEO. I just think it will be more easy for visitors to use, which should increase the visting time and that should be good for SEO factory, so I am keeping watching the further performance.

Or if you have any good advice?


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