Best Free Drupal 8 Theme WebDux

Drupal 8 CMS has released several months and it’s been Drupal 8.0.5. I know I should use Drupal 8 instead of Drupal 7, although Drupal 8 is still in baby stage.

The first thing for me is to choose one Drupal 8 theme to use. There are several Drupal 8 themes on but there is no one is satisfied for me, not to speak of the free Drupal 8 themes.

So I decide to create one free Drupal 8 theme by myself and I decide to share this theme to anyone who are interested. I have not better idea to name this theme, so just call that “WebDux”.

My initial idea is to create the Drupal 8 theme WebDux base on Drupal Bootstrap base theme for corporate website because I like Bootstrap. I can’t say WebDux will be the best Drupal 8 theme, but I will try my best to make WebDux to be the best free Drupal 8 theme.

I will release Drupal 8 theme WebDux soon and share the most important steps on

If you have any good idea about Drupal 8 theme, I like to get your advice.


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  • PritamApril 26, 2016 at 6:56 am

    Really great article. The way you describes the whole thing is really appreciable. Thanks for sharing such an informative article. Looking for same type of great articles in near future. Great Job 🙂


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